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Q: Where are you located?
A: Eliza Maria Designs is located in Longmont, Colorado. We do not have a physical store open to the public at this time.

Q: Can I interview you?
A: For interviews or to write articles about our work, feel free to write to: eliza@elizagraves.com Please send all questions via e-mail, with the word “Interview” in the subject header and we will respond as quickly as schedule allows.

Q: Will you exhibit at our gallery/convention?
A:  Absolutely, if our schedule permits. Please feel free to email us with more information via : eliza@elizagraves.com

Q: How can I check the status of my delivery?
A:  You can look up the status of your package by entering your delivery confirmation number into the USPS “track and confirm” field provided here.

Shipping generally takes 2 – 6 days for orders within the US. If your order has not arrived after 10 days since your received your shipping confirmation, please check with your local post office to see if a delivery attempt was made, and please contact us! Your package may have been taken to a holding office for your collection, or it may be making its way back to us. If it is returned, we will contact you immediately to arrange a re-ship to an alternate address.

Q: I would like a refund. What is your refund policy?
A:  We apologize if you are not satisfied with your item. In order to qualify for a refund, there must be a fault with the quality of the item. No refund can be given for damaged or misplaced packages at the fault of the postal service. Unfortunately sabotage of items is not unheard of, therefore all items are inspected prior to shipping to make sure that they meet their provided description. If an order was placed and received by mistake, or your item is an unwanted gift, feel free to email us via the contact page within 7 days of receiving the item to schedule its return and a refund.

Q: I want to promote your site. Can you send me stuff?
A: Thank you for your interest!! Though we do not have promotional materials to send you at this time, please feel free to post a web link to our shop on your website. We greatly appreciate your support!


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